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1 How to make userbar? on Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:36 am



1. Make a new document (300x20 px). Click on Gradient Tool.

2. In the Gradient window chose some color..

3. With a Gradient tool make a line from the left to right..

4. Make a new layer "scanlines" and go to Fill > Pattern. Then choose your texture and modify opacity of that layer to 20%.

5. Take font XG Pixo (font size 8px), and write what you want. Then on Blending options (right click/Blending options) press Drop Shadow.

6. Make new layer "light", take Eliptical Marque Tool and make selection like this one:

Fill that layer with white color and put opacity to 20%.

7. Put some picture to the left side and you are finished.

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